Sun, Dec 10, 2023
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Office Location:

P.O Box  19701, Roanoke, Virginia 24919

P.O Box 12118, Newport News, Virginia 23612

PH1: (540) 353-7400
PH2: (757) 243-4411

Welcome to FES, Inc.

Our experience ensures that we will be comprehensive in our evaluation of your project while maintaining and providing superior quality and service. Our reputation has granted us the opportunity to develop strong committed relationship with developers, subcontractors and owners. As we continue to expand and become recognized as a quality service company within the region, our dedication and quality of work will continue to improve.

FES is proud of its staff abilities and our firm's reputation as an outstanding Class A General Contractor and Geotechnical Engineering Consultant.
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Our employees are registered professional engineers, geologists, laboratory and field engineering inspectors, construction managers, experienced foremen, skilled laborers, and administrative assistants.