Sun, Dec 10, 2023
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Office Location:

P.O Box  19701, Roanoke, Virginia 24919

P.O Box 12118, Newport News, Virginia 23612

PH1: (540) 353-7400
PH2: (757) 243-4411

Our services incorporate general construction offerings for all your needs including hard bid, negotiated and design-build construction services. Our experienced, highly skilled self-performing trades allow us to control quality, cost and schedule; a direct benefit to our clients.



  • Office
  • Education
  • Government Facilities

Health Care

  • Design/Build
  • Remodeling


  • Restaurants
  • Retail
FES, Inc clients requiring interior and shell construction benefit from our ability to provide seamless services from the ground up
We consistently improve the quality of our service with the latest technology and innovation.