Sun, Dec 10, 2023
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FES has excelled due to our commitment to serving our clients in a professional and timely manner by researching state of the art literature, training and certifying our employees and following state laws, state and local building code requirements and industry standards. In this regard, are you selecting an Engineer/Contractor based on qualifications, state laws, state and local building code requirements and industry standards?

       The qualifications and standards are as follows:

  • Engineer in charge - Registered Professional Engineer in Virginia

  • Engineer's Office performing the work is registered with the Board of Professional Regulations.

  • Engineer's Office performing the work has a business license.

  • Engineering Inspectors performing your field inspections are experienced, qualified and certified:

    *Nuclear Gauge Certified - Safety (Soil, Aggregate & Asphalt).

    *ACI Certified (Concrete).

    *CWI (Steel).

  • Engineering Inspectors performing your laboratory testing are experienced, qualified, and certified:

           *ACI Certified (Concrete Laboratory)

           *Soil/Aggregate Certified

  • Engineer's Office has professional, general liability and automobile insurance (Is the coverage sufficient for your project?)

  • Contractor is Class A, with General Liability, Woker Comp and Automobile Insurance, Experienced and Knowledgeable.

  • OSHA Certified Personnel in Construction Safety and Health

FES recommends that the following other pertinent qualifications be considered in addition to the above required qualifications:

  • Engineer/Contractor has similar experience to your project

  • Engineer/Contractor is conveniently located to your project

  • Engineer Contractor Work Load will not impact your project schedule.

Our past performance record is the main reason for our phenomenal growth. Our client loyalty and referrals for new work is indicative that our goal of customer satisfaction has been repeatedly achieved.

FES specializes in Segmental Retaining Walls; Helical Anchor Installation; (Underpinning & New Construction & Walls ); Pavers; Drainage Improvements; slope, walls, and foundation repairs.