Tue, Sep 26, 2023
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FES, Inc is a full service company that has been providing quality service to our clients since 1996. Our team offers effective leadership focused on results-oriented site management planning, budget management, owner relations, safety, and teamwork. With expertise in conflict resolution for sub-contractors, contract disputes and labor unions. Our FES team is a DBE/MBE certified contractor that has a distinguished reputation in construction and engineering. We can provide residential, commercial and public services throughout the Mid Atlantic Region. Some of our Engineering services are Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Environmental Services, Material Testing, Special Inspections, Third Party Inspections and Utilities Test Pit.

Effective Design, Cost Effective, Time Management, Quality Work

FES is keenly aware of the importance of working within the "design-not-to-exceed-budget." In fact, much of our work results in below budget costs. We find that we can keep costs at or below budget through careful planning, time management and quality of our work. The majority of geotechnical engineering services are performed on a fixed not to exceed budget.