Sun, Dec 10, 2023
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  Why Select FES?













       Why Select FES?

  • Conveniently located to service the mid-Atlantic Region.
  • Quality workmanship (Engineering & Construction).
  • Qualified and experienced project managers, engineers, and skilled technicians and laborers.
  • Full in-house services.
  • Immediate response to your requested services.
  • Value engineering during the design and construction phases.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Certified by the commonwealth of Virginia as a small business (SWaM).


FES collaborates with owners and architects to enhance every aspect of the construction project. It means bringing value to the construction process and constructing buildings that last longer are more efficient to operate and better serve the peoples who live and work inside. The in-house engineering and technical resources of the company consists of a combination of a high qualified and experienced civil engineers, third party inspections, geotechnical studies and quality engeeners. FES general contracting team and staff is highly capable and fully experienced in working in areas such as restaurant, healthcare and renovating. FES management is committed to ensuring that all engineering and contractual requirements are met with the highest quality construction work and within the allocated estimates.